Does the blogger work from home?

Without the need for so many proclamations and declarations of intent, telework has become a reality for many: if fifteen years ago they liked to hypothesize a future of corporate teleworkers, something that was not promptly realized, at the same time who has been able to seize the opportunity. Working from home is one of the characteristics common to many bloggers , especially those who have lifestyles that would not allow them the constraints of structured work with precise schedules.

Bloggers who don’t have a boss problem know that making decisions about time and space is one of the biggest perks for those who work, as long as they know how to manage them and don’t get overwhelmed.

So you have a blog and started selling advertising. The first earnings, even if minimal, are one of the greatest satisfactions you can have as a blogger, it means that creating content on the web can become your job.

And then to the most difficult question they will ask you: “What do you do?” The next question, you will see, will be: “Do you work from home?” .

Those used to business rhythms do not conceive of work free from space-time constraints, and therefore you can make an effort, but you will not convince the skeptical friend of the luck you have. But let’s say you can survive perfectly well without many friends and family fully understanding your job status.

Most bloggers (not all) therefore work from home or, if you are bored, you can choose to vary between the coffee under the house, the park in the summer or if you live in a large enough city, the halls of large hotels where you can blend in by pretending to wait for someone. No, Starbucks and its Wi-Fi don’t have it here, but luckily interesting libraries or cafes with free connection are growing, especially around universities.

The specter of always wearing pajamas is still the bogeyman of all, including homeworking enthusiasts. So here are some proven tips for bloggers who are still in the process of falling in love with their work and believe that having upset the classic rhythms is only an advantage. Undoubtedly it is and I will never tire of saying it, but there are some tricks to keep in mind in order not to fall into the ‘homely’ loop, a condition that is extremely harmful to creativity:

  • The washing machine can wait: and also the dishwasher and the clothes to be ironed (for those who still iron them). The mistake that too many makes is to be tempted to do something at home, while you are working. When working, you need to be quite strict with yourself and not allow distractions to intrude. Better two hours spent writing and creating, than 4 hours interrupted continuously by housework.
  • The postman always rings twice, unfortunately: have you noticed that when you are in full concentration, the phone rings? This is one of the annoying components of working at home. Keep in mind if you are alone in the house and therefore forced to open the door. You can always decide not to answer.
  • Keep your friends and family at a distance: “If you work from home, I can call / visit you.” At the cost of unpleasant sensations, set a frame to stop visits and phone calls. If you were in the office, would your friend who was just left by her boyfriend call you? Probably not. Stopping external interference for those who work at home is one of the most difficult components.
  • A room all to yourself: not everyone has a home that allows you to transform a room into a studio and therefore the danger is to find computers and documents on the dining table and the hungry family waiting. Take a table, even a small one, and write “private property” on it, no one can approach without your permission. Remember that the greatest risk is that your work is not considered as such, and therefore the space in which you work is not respected.
  • Hours: Another very wise decision to make is to set hours to work and outside of those not checking mail / fb / blog … this is very difficult and almost no one wants to give it up. But in the long run, after experiencing the feeling of exhaustion from perennial connection, more or less everyone comes to this wise conclusion, especially to preserve privacy. There are those who do not connect at the weekend, others after a certain time. This is the most difficult, but essential part if you want to curate a blog for a long time and turn it into a real job, which does not end with the passing of initial enthusiasm.

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